Out of the corner of my eye. Writings on photography

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Codice: 9788822902689
Titolo: Out of the corner of my eye. Writings on photography
Autore: Ballo Charmet Marina
Editore: Quodlibet
Anno: 2021
Argomento: fotografia
Categoria: LIBRO
Sotto-categoria: Arte e spettacolo

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The favoured topic of Marina Ballo's photography is what is "always seen", the objects remaining at the threshold of perception, the out of focus from which the "background noise of our minds" transpires. In order for this dimension to surface, you need to look at the world "out of the corner of your eye", incorporating distraction, quiescence and the variety of day-to-day experience into your gaze. Matching images and words has been the author's imperative necessity over the whole of her artistic path. Long-distance exchanges with her favourite authors and photographers (such as Gabriele Basilico and Lewis Baltz), writing thoughts, compiling work journals, clarifying theoretical roots and discovering inspirational affinities (for example with Robert Adams, Raoul Hausmann, Timothy O'Sullivan, Jeff Wall) reveal themselves to be integral parts of her creative practice. Arranged both in a chronological order and according to themes, the texts shed light on the connection between her work