Around Switzerland in 80 Maps. A magical journey

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Codice: 9782940481309
Titolo: Around Switzerland in 80 Maps. A magical journey
Autore: Bewes Diccon
Editore: Helvetiq
Anno: 2017
Argomento: grafica
Categoria: LIBRO
Sotto-categoria: Arte e spettacolo

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A map is the perfect pictorial way to explain and entertain. The 80 maps inside this book achieve both of these goals and provide a detailed picture of Switzerland. Diccon Bewes’ search for original maps lead him through offi cial archives and private collections. The results are presented here, along with the fascinating stories behind them: from the circular island map of 1480 to the birth of modern Swiss cartography; from the British rail plan for Switzerland to a Soviet map of Basel during the Cold-War; from the 1970s Zurich map for men to the vision of a Greater Switzerland with 40 cantons. Map by map, we understand how Switzerland came to be and possibly where it is going. A truly magical and engrossing journey. Diccon Bewes is the most Swiss of all Englishmen. Before becoming a best-selling author, he worked as a travel journalist in London and as a bookseller in Bern. New edition: soft cover.