Furoshiki and the Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping

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Codice: 9781913947651
Titolo: Furoshiki and the Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping
Autore: Kakita Tomoko
Editore: Laurence King Publishing
Anno: 2021
Argomento: tecniche artistiche
Categoria: LIBRO
Sotto-categoria: Arte e spettacolo

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Perfect the gift of giving. The only modern, practical guide to the ancient art of Japanese gift wrapping. Make giving simple gifts extra special (and help save the planet) with 30 exquisite yet easy styles.In Japan, gift giving is a big cultural ritual, and the presentation is just as important as the gift itself. Discover a variety of wrapping styles, involving knotted or intricately folded cloth or paper. With no cutting, sticking or waste your wrapping material is completely reusable.As well as gifts you can also use furoshiki to wrap and carry all sorts of things. Say goodbye to wrapping paper and plastic shopping bags for good.