Marguerite Saegesser. American Monotypes

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Codice: 9783039421336
Titolo: Marguerite Saegesser. American Monotypes
Autore: AA.VV.
Editore: Scheidegger & Spiess
Anno: 2023
Argomento: arte monografie
Categoria: LIBRO
Sotto-categoria: Arte e spettacolo

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Marguerite Saegesser (1922-2011) achieved fame in the US, her adopted country for many years, where her prints and paintings were repeatedly shown in group and solo exhibitions in California and New York over a period of two decades. In her native Switzerland, however, the artist and her multifaceted oeuvre are yet to be discovered.This book fills this gap, featuring Saegesser's art with a special focus on the monotype, a printing technique developed in the 17th century and producing only a single original at a time. It also demonstrates how Saegesser, who initially studied sculpture in Lausanne, found her artistic destiny in America. Key to her evolution was San Francisco's lively art scene of the late 1970s, and in particular the painter Sam Francis, an outstanding representative of action painting and abstract expressionism, who became her friend and precursor. His fascination with the monotype quickly transferred to Saegesser, who soon achieved mastery in it and made a significant