The Old Man and the Sea

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Codice: 9780099908401
Titolo: The Old Man and the Sea
Autore: Hemingway Ernest
Editore: Arrow Books
Anno: 2004
Argomento: inglese fiction
Categoria: LIBRO
Sotto-categoria: Lingue altre e strumenti

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Set in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Havana, Hemingway's magnificent fable is the story of an old man, a young boy and a giant fish. It was The Old Man and the Sea that won for Hemingway the Nobel Prize for Literature. Here, in a perfectly crafted story, is a unique and timeless vision of the beauty and grief of man's challenge to the elements in which he lives. Not a single word is superflous in this widely admired masterpiece, which once and for all established his place as one of the giants of modern literature.