Klee – Melotti

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Codice: 9783868283839
Titolo: Klee – Melotti
Autore: Comis Guido
Editore: Kehrer Verlag
Anno: 2014
Argomento: arte monografie
Categoria: LIBRO
Sotto-categoria: Arte e spettacolo

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Published on the occasion of the Paul Klee – Fausto Melotti exhibition at Museo d’Arte Lugano, the catalog compares over 70 paintings, watercolors and drawings by the Swiss-German painter Paul Klee, a leading figure in twentieth-century art, with some 80 sculptures and drawings by Fausto Melotti, an Italian artist whose name has become increasingly well-known at an international level in recent years. The catalog highlights the relationships and affinities between Paul Klee and Fausto Melotti by means of a surprising dialogue between their works. The division by chapters on specific topics underscores the convergence between the two artists on such subjects as music, the alphabet, the city, nature and animals.