Portrait. Violin & Cello Duo

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Codice: 795754731323
Titolo: Portrait. Violin & Cello Duo
Autore: Zappa Mattia, Zappa Daria
Editore: Guild
Anno: 2007
Argomento: musica classica
Categoria: CD MUSICALE

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The repertoire for unaccompanied violin and cello, if not large, has always been distinguished, as this important new album demonstrates with important compositions from the 20th-century alongside recent works from the 21st, supremely played by the highly-acclaimed Duo Zappa. Here, we present the Eight Pieces by the Russian Reinhold Gliere, best known for his Ilya Mourometz Symphony and The Red Poppy ballet. These impressively colourful Pieces date from 1909. Erwin Schulhoff, a superb composer and pianist, was born in Prague in 1894. After an important musical and political career he was interned in the Wulzburg concentration camp where he died in August 1942. His Duo of 1925 forms a fascinating correlation between Debussy and Schoenberg in a purely personal idiom.